Saturday, June 04, 2005

Korea 200505l: Bulguksa hosts and guests

While the occupants stay put for a millennium or so, visitors come and go...and time for me to leave too. I have a train to catch, no kiddin'.

Don't you think that the Buddha has...ummm...Korean features?

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Korea 200505k: Bulguksa takes

Notice the 'reversed swastika' in Pic #2? On a building more than 1,000 years old? Hitler is a plagiarist!

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Korea 200505j: A very serene spot

After wandering around for 40 minutes, I stumble upon this really cosy corner, behind a minor temple at the edge of the complex. It is so serene and peaceful, that I actually sit on a rock there for a good 15 minutes, savouring the ambience and the bird-songs. There's a high stone wall behind the bulding, and the forest beyond it.

I notice stacks of pebbles under the tree. Must be the work of visitors (hopefully!), but I have no clue of its significance.

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