Monday, August 07, 2006

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The Lunch 060406

On the topmost floor of the mall, I walk along an interesting corridor, virtually on the roof. I am heading for a Gujarati vegetarian restaurant.

Looks comfy and indeed, it is a very comfy set-up. Just that the Sun is a wee hot today.

They are starting to serve ... I would not want to be the dish-washer at all.

Fully served, very colourful and artistically done. Sure looks pretty but I just can't appreciate vegetarian meals. The oooomph! seems to be missing. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a vegetarian after all.

And the dessert? A sweet thing with rose petals. Never knew rose tastes so good.

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The Mall 060406

Lunchtime and I find myself in this mall, prolly the fanciest in town. Quite cool, considering it's in the high 30s outside.

Again, huge displays are the in-thing.

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Morning Takes 060406

A colourful self-contained breakfast stall. Looks vegetarian to me.

I can imagine Wallace and Gromit in this.

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FIRST ~ Pretty Ahmedabad 060406

I am spending the whole day in Ahmedabad today, before flying home later in the evening. The capital of Gujarat state in India, Ahmedabad has more than 5mil people, a majority of whom are vegetarians.

It looks like a prosperous city, and definitely the best-looking that I've ever seen in India, but still no lines on the roads!

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