Saturday, June 11, 2005

Korea 210505a: Eulsuk-do Bird Sanctuary

I fancy myself as a bird-watcher (or 'birders' as we like to call ourselves), so I thought the Eulsuk-do Bird Sanctuary, west of Busan, would be worth a visit. I ride the beautiful Busan subway, then transfer to a bus which takes me to the main island in the estuary area where the birds breed.

Eulsuk-do, claim the Koreans, is Asia's largest migratory bird habitat, and designated Natural Monument #179 by the govt. The main island is swampy and full of reeds, but a major rehabilitation program is in place to restore the area as a premier bird habitat cum tourist attraction. It is definitely a great place for picnics and walks.

Unfortuntely the timing of my visit (month of May) is not too good. The critters which have left the estuary for warmer climes to the south (some all the way to Malaysia) have not yet arrived back for summer, while the other bunch which have come from the north to escape the harsh winter there, have left for home. I took a long walk in the hot sun and spotted some old avian friends.

#2: Ambitious rehabilitation plan. I wish them all the best, man and birds alike.Posted by Hello

#1: Entrance to Eulsuk-do Bird Sanctuary. Posted by Hello

#3: Seabirds perching on the wooden structure. Posted by Hello

#4: The sanctuary is so close to a major township. Urban development has affected the sanctuary, hence the rehabilitation.Posted by Hello

#5: But I also spot another type of bird. An Asiana Airbus approaches Busan Gimhae Airport. Posted by Hello