Wednesday, June 22, 2005

#2: Across the table, stands the bride, still veiled. She surely needs help holding her arms up. Posted by Hello

#3: Very elegant costume, this 'hanbok' is. Simple design, but no pockets? Posted by Hello

Korea 220505f: The bride, covered

The bride and her maids soon appear from the building, with her face veiled. She can't see where she is going, so the maids are really handy. They walk slowly and come to a stop to the right of the Master-of-Ceremony.

#1: The bride and her maids emerge from the house... Posted by Hello

#2: ...and take their place to the right of the Master-of-Ceremony. Posted by Hello

#3: The bride's parents looking very regal indeed. Notice the white gloves. Posted by Hello

Korea 220505e: The duck

For some reason, the best man carries a duck. He accompanies the best man and both enter a room where the bride is. Then the men emerge, minus the duck, and take their spot next to the Master-of-Ceremony.

#1: There you go, there's the red-robed duck with the best man. Posted by Hello

Korea 220505d: A surprise wedding

We hear noises and follow our ears, and bump into a traditional Korean wedding ceremony! What luck.

#1: My friend just cannot believe her luck - a real traditional Korean wedding ceremony just about to get started! Btw the lucky guy wears the smaller hat. And the chap with the tall hat carries a duck. Don't ask me why.Posted by Hello

#2: The groom (the bloke in maroon) and his team. I am told he's Canadian. Posted by Hello

#3: The Master-of-Ceremony getting ready, so too the paraphernalia. Posted by Hello

#4: The bride's mum in resplendent yellow, oblivious to the swarm of uninvited, but expected camera-totting guests. Posted by Hello

Korea 220505c: Old Korea in Seoul (part 2)

Scenes of the Namsan Hanok Village.

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Korea 220505b: Old Korea in Seoul

Smack in the middle of concrete Seoul, there is a clump of original traditional wooden houses tucked in the woody garden at the foot of Mt Namsan (yes, that's where the Seoul TV Tower is). From the madness of a modern dynamic city, one is instantly transported into the ambience of days long gone, upon entering the Namsan Hanok Village complex. It comprises five buildings from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

A popular haunt for locals and foreigners alike, it is crowded especially on weekends. And I'm told if one is lucky, there could be a traditional Korean wedding conducted in the compound...

#1: A bit of waffling as to what the place is all about. Click image for a better read. Posted by Hello

#2: Entrance to the main building. Posted by Hello

#3: Very nice setting, just ignore the office tower at the back. Posted by Hello