Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cameron Highlands 260605d: Tea-house vistas [FINAL]

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Splendid views all around. There are other look-outs too.

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Cameron Highlands 260605c: The Boh tea-house

We do not stop at the Bharat tea-house. Instead we drive on towards Ringlet and turn off to go to the Boh plantation, some 6km away from the junction at the main road. We pass through vegetable plots and once we enter the private property of Boh, we are surrounded by tea plants, arranged like a giant mosaic. It is indeed a wonderful sight, as the road narrows and begins an uphill climb. A lot of blind corners so one must use the car horn liberally to warn of any oncoming vehicles.

Soon after, we arrive at the Boh tea-house which comprises a deck (to enjoy your fresh tea and cakes), a shop and a video room (to screen videos on Boh to visitors) . Behind this visitor area, there is the Boh tea factory, where freshly-picked tea leaves become tea in packets ready for the market. We are at 4,700 feet above sea level - and a cool refreshing gentle breeze greets us.

#1: The Boh tea-house. At 4,700ft above sea level. Posted by Hello

#2: The old Boh logo, with the Boh Man. And of course, the tea chests. Posted by Hello

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Cameron Highlands 260605b: The former Bharat Tea Estate

As the road winds down from Tanah Rata on the way to Ringlet, a traveler will come to this spot - a tea plantation formerly known as Bharat, but now in the possession of Boh Tea (www.boh.com.my), I believe. Located at some 4000ft above sea level, it used to have its own tea, known as Teh Ringgit Emas.

It is a very popular spot because of its accessibility, and the tea-house offers great views of the tea valley below. But be careful of haphazard parking along the main Tanah Rata - Ringlet road.

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Cameron Highlands 260605a: British relics

Today, on our long drive from Ketereh (in the state of Kelantan, Malaysia) to Shah Alam (Selangor state capital), via the Gua Musang - Simpang Pulai highway (for a total distance of more than 500km), we decide to take a break in historic Cameron Highlands. As usual the city slickers swarm this area today, mainly to buy vegies, strawberries and maybe flowers. And some of them drive around in their expensive cars, with air-conditioner running while the outside temp is in the low 20s. :-)

But look around and one can find other interesting stuff as well. It's amazing how much influence the Brits colonialists had on this hill resort cum agricultural centre.

#1: Between Brinchang and Tanah Rata, travel off the beaten track and one comes to this delightful quaint little church. Posted by Hello

#2: The Convent School in Tanah Rata. The building used to be hidden among trees, but now that they are cleared, the Convent is prominent atop a hill overlooking downtown Tanah Rata. Posted by Hello