Saturday, July 02, 2005

Chicago 070605b: Still in a cab

#1: A lot of old cabs around, but the boss is online 24/7 if you are unhappy. And Mayor Daley takes care of you too. Posted by Picasa

#2: Mayor Daley seems like a popular guy. I mean if cab drivers like him, then he must be a great bloke! Posted by Picasa

Chicago 070605a: A cab ride

A cab ride today, and the cab is always a huge American model. So no problem with space at all.

The driver is well-protected from any wacko who happens to be at the back. His compartment seems to be standard issue for all Chicago cabs. I wonder if it's bullet-proof too.

#1: High security for the cab driver.  Posted by Picasa

#2: Petrol prices are still OK. That's cents per gallon. Posted by Picasa

#3: Old building - former godown? Posted by Picasa

Chicago 060605g: Chicago tidbits

The centre of the Skydeck floor displays snippets of Chicago's history - its ups and downs, its achievements and failures, its heroes and villains. Fascinating reading, indeed.

#1: The Windy City of Wild Onion, huh? Posted by Picasa

#2: Nobel Prize? Seventy of them here at the University of Chicago alone. Click image for better read. Posted by Picasa

#3: The atomic bomb has its genesis here in Chicago. Click image for better read. Posted by Picasa

Chicago 060605f: A Skydeck sunset

I wait for the sun to set, and the patience is amply rewarded. It is a perfect sunset over the great plains of the Midwest.

#1: The sun sets over the great Midwestern plain... Posted by Picasa a jetliner approaches O'Hare International Airport. Posted by Picasa