Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kota Kinabalu 040705a: Kinabalu National Park

Today I get myself a rental car and barely 2 hrs later, find myself at Kinabalu National Park, the first Malaysian World Heritage Site. For details see:

What a proud moment it is for me - at last I get to visit my own country's World Heritage Site! Btw, the other World Heritage Site in Malaysia is Gunung Mulu National Park. Both awarded in 2000.

#1: Mount Kinabalu looms over KK, well sort of. That's 140km away and 2 hours by car, and the peak is 4,095m in the sky. Posted by Picasa

#2: Timpohon Gate, one of the two entrances to the long trek to the top. At 1,600m, this is as far as I go today. From here it's another 8.72km to the peak of Mt Kinabalu. Forgot to bring my toothbrush, so...ummm... I'll summit some other time lah. :-)Posted by Picasa

#3: Two routes to the top. I am at bottom left. Seems that every 500m there's a place to rest and relax. Click pic for better read. Posted by Picasa

#4: A weary mountaineer arrives back. I can't believe there's Mt Kinabalu down there!Posted by Picasa

Kota Kinabalu 030705d: Sunset

Sunset at last, and it is worth the wait.

#1: The trio sandwiched between three layers of hues. Posted by Picasa

#2: The sun sets. Posted by Picasa

#3: As the sun finally sinks... Posted by Picasa

#4: ...a lone fisherman awaits the last nibble. Posted by Picasa

Kota Kinabalu 030705c: The sea

It's quite a nice spot. Really.

#1: View from the 5th floor room. Left to right: Islands of Sulug, Mamutik and Manukan. The water is always choppy. Posted by Picasa

#2: Rocks everywhere. Gaya Island in the background. Posted by Picasa