Sunday, July 10, 2005

Kota Kinabalu 040705c: Kundasang

Lunchtime, and I decide to try local chow in Kundasang, a small town 6km away from Kinabalu National Park. It's in a valley surrounded by mountains, with Mt Kinabalu the lord of them all.

#1: Reminds me of the Swiss hamlets in the Alpine valleys. Posted by Picasa

#2: Kundasang has one main road - the highway from KK to Ranau. Both sides lined with stalls selling mainly flowers, fruits and vegies. Posted by Picasa

#3: Mt Kinabalu partially hidden. What a damper! Posted by Picasa

#4: Craggy top of Mt Kinabalu. Are those the famous "Donkey's Ears"? Posted by Picasa

Kota Kinabalu 040705b: Montane views

There is a look-out platform above the Timpohon Gate, and splendid views can be had from here. Fortunately the dancing clouds allow me a peek or two at the valley below, but keep Mt Kinabalu itself out of view. Maybe to tempt me to make another visit? I mean if at 1,600m, the views are already this fantastic, what more can I say at 4,000m?

#1: That's the road to KK, which I was just on. Posted by Picasa

#3: Look west and one sees the highway to KK. Tamparuli is somewhere down there - AFUNDI MARSHA !Posted by Picasa

#2: Above the clouds, it seems... Posted by Picasa

#4: The coastline of Sabah's west coast can be seen. Posted by Picasa