Monday, July 11, 2005

Kota Kinabalu 040705e: Kundasang main road

Scenes at the main KK-Ranau road.

#1: A row of fruit stalls along the main road. Nothing fancy, except maybe the RM10/kg beras bukit.Posted by Picasa

#2: Vegies, just like in Cameron Highlands. Posted by Picasa

#3: I simply like the name...and Mt Kinabalu in the backgound, partially hidden. Posted by Picasa

Kota Kinabalu 040705d: Smoke-y lunch

I decide to settle for some tasty-looking chicken wings for lunch, in a quaint restaurant at the main road. A lot of smoke emanates from a stall-like structure in front of the place, where two guys grill the wings to perfection.

As I settle to enjoy the meal, the wind shifts and the smoke enters the restaurant. I'm sure the smoke would chase the flies away. But nope, it is me who change tables - the flies are not bothered a bit.

But the chicken wings are indeed tasty. Food 8/10, ambience 2/10 (bring your own oxygen tank and mask).

#1: Here also got Jawa? Btw, that's real smoke, not some harmless mountain cloud! Posted by Picasa

#2: Two tough smoke-y young men feverishly fanning the embers to grill the very tasty chicken wings. Posted by Picasa