Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sri Lanka 080905f: The Central Park

The majestic Town Hall faces the Vihara Maha Devi Park, where the Buddha sits at the entrance. In Dec. 1999, in front of the Town Hall, a female Tamil Tiger suicide bomber made an attempt on the life of the President during a campaign rally, killing 26 people and injuring over a 100. The President was partially blinded in her right eye.Posted by Picasa

Old train coaches in the park, complete with tracks. I have no clue how they end up here. Posted by Picasa

Denizens of the park. Posted by Picasa

Another denizen. Posted by Picasa

And another one - Batman on the prowl, and it's not dark yet! Posted by Picasa

Sri Lanka 080905e: The Father of the Nation

Here's the man. Don Stephen Senanayake (1884-1952), first PM of Sri Lanka. Reminds me of Trafalgar Square. Posted by Picasa

His plaque. Posted by Picasa

Up close. I did not put the necklace around his neck, honest.Posted by Picasa

Sri Lanka 080905d: The Kids

Lunchtime for hungry schoolkids on an outing. Posted by Picasa

The Hall to the right, and to the left a square with a statue of the first prime minister. Posted by Picasa

Sri Lanka 080905c: The Hall

The Independence Memorial Hall to commemmorate independence from Britain on 4th Feb, 1948. Posted by Picasa

A plaque commemmorating the occasion. Click image for better read. Posted by Picasa

Proud Sinhalese lions guarding the hall. There's one on the Sri Lankan flag as well. Legend has it the Sinhalese people are of leonine origin - they even call themselves 'People of the Lion' or the 'Lion Race'. That's why the minority Tamils call themselves 'tigers'. Or so the story goes... Posted by Picasa

More Sinhalese lions. Posted by Picasa

Sri Lanka 080905b: Man in Uniform

Who's this handsome dude? Nice hat, nice belt, nice pants, nice boots. Posted by Picasa

Well, he's the parking attendant at a shopping centre. But a well-dressed one. Posted by Picasa

Sri Lanka 080905a: Lunch in Colombo

At noon we check out of the hotel and find ourselves looking for lunch at a modern food court in downtown Colombo. Reminds me of home. Posted by Picasa

A selection of Sri Lankan chow (probably Sinhalese dishes). Quite good except a tad hot and spicy. Posted by Picasa

This is one great competition - you get a private jet for 7 days to go anywhere in the world, and bring along 7 friends! Posted by Picasa