Wednesday, November 23, 2005

FINAL ~ York Minster 301005

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And of course, the York Minster, the 14th century Anglican Gothic cathedral, reputedly home of ghosts.

A quick trip to York done, we now head for Manchester for our flight to Dublin. Posted by Picasa

Old York 301005

But then, a trip to York would not be complete without a visit to the original York, especially the Roman-built Wall. Posted by Picasa

The Campus 301005

In autumn, York University is indeed one pretty campus.Posted by Picasa

Beautiful People 301005

 Posted by Picasa

More Ducks 301005

Ducks and more ducks! Or to be more precise: Mallards, Ruddy Shelducks, Common Shelducks, Common Pochards, Greylag Geese, Common Coots, etc. I wonder how each one tastes on the dinner table. :-)Posted by Picasa

Ducks 301005

Yup, ducks of all shapes and sizes and colours. And hungry ones too. Posted by Picasa

FIRST ~ York University 301005a

After the quick northern Wales tour, we overnight at a friend's place in Liverpool (thanks to Dr Aizi, Khai and kids). The next morning we hit the eastbound motorways, taking us right into the heart of Yorkshire.

We are visiting the venerable York University, where the missus did her masters degree exactly a decade back. And where the lake on the campus is full of wonderful birds (or ducks if you want to to call them). Posted by Picasa