Thursday, April 20, 2006


FIRST ~ Marang Sunrise 120306

As the sun rises over Marang, we arrive in time for a hearty but tasty breakfast. We are here for a spot of fishing in the South China Sea. Could be an exciting day!

The Locals 120306

An opportunity to observe the antics of the locals.

The Boats 120306

Boats moored at Marang Jetty, but we're going fishing in the South China Sea.

So here's our transport, an ex-fishing vessel. Looks flimsy, but that's one tough boat, I tell ya!

Our Boat 120306

A nice shiny steel steering wheel.
(note the bicycle chain, linking the wheel to the rudder system)

Comfy quarters (?). Errr ... where are the life-jackets, Sir?

A tough-looking Diesel engine humming along nicely.

And Captain Omar in position.

Yes, we are all set to go!

Going Fishin' 120306

We chug along towards our fishing ground.

Fine weather but hot. Suntan lotions and caps are the order of the day.

Lures must be chosen diligently. It's more of an art than a science.

More high-tech stuff here, but that alone won't guarantee results.

Kapas Island 120306

Spectacular cliffs on the other side of Kapas Island, which faces the open South China Sea. During the tempestous monsoon season, it is not a smart thing at all to be here.

Fishing but no Fish 120306

High-tech fishermen all in action. We are about 12km from the coast, in the open sea. Very calm, clear blue water, very serene except for the gentle sound of the surf, but nothing much to show - they all got away!

The Hand-line 120306

Then the wise Skipper goes to his secret compartment to grope for his amazingly simple, low-tech fishing gear ...

... the hand-line!

And sure enough, soon he starts pulling 'em in!

The Tunas 120306

We are greeted by a school of fast-moving tuna fish, showing off their surfing skills.

The Fishes 120306

Soon everybody starts getting his share. Excitement all over for us, definitely not for the poor critters.

Calling it a Day 120306

The Skipper decides to call it a day, and after being adrift for 6 hours with a bunch of loonies in the middle of the ocean, I can't blame him, ...

... and aims the bow of his boat at Kapas.

The First Mate in action. :-)

Ahhh, yes ... a cruise liner on the horizon ...

... and the odd unwanted stuff.

Kapas Beach 120306

Approaching Kapas. Tired, sunburnt legs. Definitely not sexy!

Scenic Kapas.

FINAL ~ Kapas Sunset 120306

We arrive Kapas in time for dinner, a beautiful sunset ...

... and an almost full moon.

The next day: dang, forgot to put suntan lotion on my feet!