Tuesday, August 22, 2006


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FIRST ~ Back to Angkor Wat 100806

A short drive from Srah Srang, we skirt the huge moat of Angkor Wat. Sure looks like a bend in a river from this angle.

Back at the head of the causeway we came by this morning, and crowds are still thronging the sacred site, even at 4pm.

Angkor Wat sure looks different in the late afternoon sun, in stark contrast to when we were first here this morning.
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The Tree 100806

I park myself under this shady tree, next to the head of the moat's causeway. Not in a hurry to go to Angkor Wat yet.

From under the tree, a splendid vista. Looks like a popular spot to while the time away. Most of these folks are drivers, doing the waiting game.

Check out the house rules. Please click pic for better read.
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The Causeway 100806

At the head of the causeway, I pause and look back at the terrace facing Angkor Wat, where the waiting drivers are.

Nearby, police presence brings comfort to visitors.

A people transporter arrives, ferrying local devotees. It's warm and dusty, but breezy.
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The Bikes 100806

I am startled by a convoy of 3 bikes zooming past, with passengers riding pillions on their backsides, literally.

I've seen something similar in Hanoi, way back '93, when I was traveling from the airport. But the pink fat ones were just tied with ropes to the bikes' seats, ...

... not strapped securely like this. Cute legs. though.
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The Moat 100806

We make our way across the causeway, for the 3rd time today.

In the middle of the moat. See how it keeps the forest away, like it has done for a thousand years.

At the other end, some restoration work in progress, thanks to the crane. Those stones are heavy. How did the ancient folks move them around then?

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The Entrance 100806

The entrance at the main gate, facing west, where the sun sets, which is an odd orientation for a Hindu temple. Sunset is always associated with The End, like ... ummm ... death?

Here, more nagas on balustrades.

Outer side of the wall, on the righthand side.

Worshippers before a deity in the main gate building.
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The Temple City 100806

We pass the main gate, and there it is, Angkor Wat or Temple City, like it was this morning, but now in full late afternoon glory.

Another vista, but actually an excuse to snap pic of the devata passing by. :-)

Five majestic towers in all, arranged like the 5 dots on a die (quincunx). The one in the middle is tallest, at 65m above ground. Can you really see 5 towers here? :-)

Off the beaten path ...
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Angkor Wat Vistas 100806a

I'll let the pics do the talking.

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Angkor Wat Vistas 100806b

The well-kept lake on the left side, as one walks towards the temple.

My ever-willing model posing. Am trying the flash-in-shade trick ...

... and Angkor Wat comes out like a wall poster in a studio!
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Angkor Wat Vistas 100806c

Suryavarman's descendants ...

... and Suryavarman's guests, late by about ... mmm ... 900 years?

Suryavarman's beast? I spot a village nearby, so maybe it comes from there.
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The Stalls 100806

There's a row of stalls selling the usual stuff under the shady trees to the left of the lake.

Salesmen at play.

Pitching a sale ... "One dollar only, mister!" ... "Will you buy from me when you come back, sir?"
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The Naga 100806

We are on the way out now, and stop by to admire the 900-year-old multi-headed naga at the start of a balustrade.

Looks like a cobra, but that's a 7-headed naga. Ferocious-looking.
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The Nymph 100806

We pass through the main gate and begin crossing the moat, and ... uh-huh, what's this? A water-nymph?

Ahhh ... just a bloke wanting to show off his camera gear.

Wish she could be my model ...
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