Friday, October 27, 2006

Bagan Sungai Buloh 271006

Friday afternoon and with a few hours to kill, we decide to go for a drive to Bagan Sungai Buloh, a fishing settlement on the Malacca Straits.

Pls click map for better view.
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The River 271006

Sungai Buloh, with the view towards the estuary, which is just around the bend. Note the water-birds and mangroves.

Upstream view, with jetties to land the catch of the day.

A boat, not exactly laden with fish, arrives from the sea.

The main landing jetty. I guess the boats are all out at sea ...

... minus the not-so-seaworthy ones.
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The Birds 271006

A couple of Grey Herons.

A White-winged Tern (thanks to KFChan for the ID), migratory, just arrived to avoid the cold northern winter.

A Brahminy Kite soars.

A Grey Heron in flight.

And a Little Heron suspiciously eyeballs me.
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The Coast 271006

From Bagan Sungai Buloh, we make our way along a coastal dirt track, atop a levee separating mangroves (and sea water) and human settlements.

Yellow lichens on coconut trunks glisten in the late afternoon sun.

A flock of crows ruffled by my presence.

View into the Malacca Straits from an opening in the thick mangrove swamp.

Coconut palms swaying in the breeze.

The Critters 271006

A pedigree stray dog rules over his mangrove-y domain.

At the water's edge, mudskippers playing hard-to-get.

Ugly-looking dude.

Brave Pop here is chief of the clan, which has disappeared into the mangroves behind him.

At the corner of my eye, a huge wild boar ambles into the undergrowth, not to be seen again. Too late to get a decent photo ... dang!

The dirt track leads us to Jeram (4.2km south of Sungai Buloh) where we take Route 5 back to Shah Alam.