Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Plant 161206

The World's Longest Pencil? Right here in the Klang Valley? I'd be darned!

So here I am, this fine Saturday morning, at the Faber-Castell plant in Subang Jaya to gawk at The Pencil.

Yup, that indeed is one huge pencil.

Looking like a rocket aiming for the stars.

The Pencil 161206

It's a 2B pencil, great for objective-type exams, I'm sure.

And the Jelutong-wood pencil requires special housing and air-conditioning to retain its composure.


Nevertheless it sure is popular with the ladies.

The Accolades 161206

Authenticated by Mr Guinness himself. Pls click image for better view.

Fact and Figures. Almost 20m tall!

And the grand opening ceremony memorial plaque.

The Lobby 161206

The Pencil done, let's see what else they have here.

First, a backgrounder on Faber-Castell. It goes all the way back to 1761 when Herr Faber pencil-ed in his presence somewhere near Nuernberg, Deutschland. Pls click image for better read.

Global presence, impressive indeed. Apparently this Malaysian plant only does the pens and erasers. Pencils are made in Brazil, Indonesia and China. I guess you make them where you find the wood.

The Stuff 161206

Classic stuff from The Maestro himself.

Fine stuff for The CEO. Fancy a MYR1,000 pen?

Multifunctional stuff for The Geeks. All-in-one: pen, pencil and stylus (for your PDA).

And last but not least, real stuff for The Hoi Polloi.

The Porsche 161206

And of course, maybe something for Porsche owners, or perhaps, Porsche owner-wannabes?

This puppy is only MYR1,350.

I hear the Airbus A320 flight deck is also designed by Porsche, so I guess this must be for the A320 airmen to go with their Ray-Ban shades. At MYR800 a pop.

Lilliput & Brobdingnag 161206

And before we leave, we strain our eyes at the World's Smallest Pencil, all 17.5mm of it.

How to grip it?

And as we leave Faber-Castell, we juxtapose it with the other one.

Many thanks to Ms Aliza for hosting us. Terrific morning indeed!